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welcome to the moleskine!

September 26, 2008

This is your insider guide to graduate school in the United Kingdom.

The moleskine will look at how to search for graduate programs, get your education funded, find an apartment and much more. It will share my insights on applying to graduate school in the UK as an American in Korea, as well as my current experiences studying and living in Edinburgh.

I just arrived in Edinburgh and was thinking about all the time and research I had to put in to get here. Navigating through the various programs, application requirements, and cultural differences is like walking through a labyrinth.

Information on graduate programs in the UK is often difficult to find and sift through. I had to consult many people, books, websites, and other sources. To keep track of my research, I used my moleskine journal. Over the course of two years, I filled its pages with potential doctorate and masters programs, research ideas, tips on applying to grad school in the UK, and other important notes.

This blog is the organized and electronic version of my paper journal. Hopefully, it’ll make your grad school experience a little easier.