narrowing down the search

How do you choose schools? Figuring out which programs to apply to can be an arduous process, but doing the proper research will go a long way.

Talk to your professors and advisers. They will be your best resources for narrowing down your search. Before I graduated from the University of Washington, I made appointments with my favorite professors to talk about grad school. They recommended graduate programs based on my academic and career interests. I also asked them if there were any other professors that they I should talk to. One of the professors, Crispin Thurlow, originally from Great Britain, inspired me to apply to his alma mater Cardiff University.

Talk to your classmates. Ask them which universities they are applying to. Chances are you are looking at similar programs. I first heard about the University of London – Goldsmiths, one of my top choice graduate schools through a couple of classmates in Museology.

Read the About the Author section. Research where the writers and thinkers who have had the greatest influence on your ideas and thinking completed their graduate studies and/or where they are currently teaching.

Consult websites, blogs and books. These sources are great for learning about rankings and obtaining general descriptions about the different graduate programs. One of the resources I found to be the most helpful for searching for graduate programs in the UK was the British Council’s website.

Remember the more research you do, the better your chances are of getting into the program you are interested in.



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