free films and documentaries!

I just discovered the Film and Documentary Library at the University of Edinburgh Language and Humanities Centre (LHC), located in the basement of David Hume. If you are a 4th year or postgraduate student you can borrow films and documentaries for home study. The library has over 5,000 videos and dvds, with many hard-to-find titles. I just reserved When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, Spike Lee’s documentary on New Orleans.

If you want to host a film screening, you can reserve one of the seminar rooms. Some classmates and I just started a weekly film and documentary screening. We just watched two fantastic documentaries: Lost in La Mancha and A Brief History of Errol Morris.

Most universities have resources like the LHC, so ask around if you’re interested in watching dvds for free!


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