first semester overview

I have far fewer classes and less required work than I had as an undergrad at the University of Washington. To give you an idea of what the workload and setup is like, I have laid out my academic semester schedule.

I only have two required classes once a week. I am taking Culture and Criticism I (one of the core Cultural Studies classes) and the Anthropology of Health and Healing (my optional course). Each class is two-hours long, combining both lecture and discussion. I have about three hours of reading a week for each class. Grades are based on two 4,000 word research papers due at the end of the semester.

I am also auditing Qualitative Approaches to the City and attending the Cultural Studies Salon, both which are about two-hours long and once a week.

The first week of the semester I took a mandatory Research Skills and Methods lecture-style seminar composed of over 200 students in the School of Literatures, Languages, and Cultures (LLC). This class was an introduction to the resources and materials available at the university and in the city. We had four classes the first week, which lasted for about two hours each.

In LLC, we are also required to take three topic-specific workshops, ranging from Methods and Materials in Medieval Studies to Researching Film in the Digital Era. These workshops are about two-hours long.

We also had to submit a bibliographic assignment at the end of the seminar and will have to submit a 10-page annotated bibliography at the end of this month.

Considering this is a full-time load, the number of classes and amount of assignments seems a bit light. Personally, I wish we had class and assignments more frequently. But, I guess it gives me more time to write this blog.


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