you say ‘tomato’, i say ‘tomato’

There are many differences between American and British English, but don’t stress too much, just change your Microsoft Word to British spelling (some professors don’t care if you use American English as long as you keep it consistent) and get used to hearing words in unfamiliar contexts.

Below are some of the differences in semantics I’ve come across in Edinburgh:

course = course and class, but also program

mark =  mark, but also grade

college = high school

interval = interval, but also intermission

rubbish (bin) = garbage (can)

brilliant = awesome, cool, amazing, etc.

knackered = tired

cheers = cheers, but also thank you and goodbye

suss out = check out

curriculum vitae = curriculum, resume


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2 Responses to “you say ‘tomato’, i say ‘tomato’”

  1. robertdennis Says:

    Melissa: Here are a few more British / American differences fir you:

    Robert Dennis

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