here we go!

Just kicked off the first week of the second semester. It’s weird, but good being back in school. I haven’t quite switched out of vacation mode, but I’m sure I’ll get into grad school mode in no time.

This semester I’m taking Culture and Criticism II: The Practice of Culture Studies, a core course whose purpose is “to provide students with basic critical skills for understanding contemporary culture across its numerous manifestations and texts.” The course themes sound really interesting, and include: Cultural Conceptions of the Body, Digital Practices in Contemporary Music, Everyday Life and Culture, and Mobility, Spatiality, and Visuality. In addition to this core course, I am also taking Research Methods and Problems in Cultural Studies, which starts next Friday.

I’m also shopping around for an optional course. On Monday, I audited The City and Its Others, a course that “tracks the shifting character of urban theory in its attempt to account for and explain the emergence of these ‘other’ urbanisms in the context of globalization.” Tomorrow, I plan to audit Cinema: Time, Space, and Memory and next week, I plan to sit in The Holocaust and Representation and Culture of Display, a course that “introduces the theory and practice of museology/museum studies.” This last class especially interests me because it involves visits to galleries and museums and seems a lot more practice-based than the other classes.

In addition to school, I am also working. Today I started my temporary position as a Telephone Interviewer at the Careers Service. Basically, my job is to call alumni to see what they are doing. It’s not the most glamorous job, but one can’t be too picky in the UK. Plus, cold calling isn’t so bad if you’re not asking for money or donations. Most of the people I talked to were pretty friendly and receptive to my questions.

Today, I also signed up for the university’s gym. The membership fee for one semester is £60, a bit too steep for my budget, but the facilities are top-notch and I really do want to get in shape. Tomorrow, I plan to hop on a bike and maybe a treadmill. I’m hoping to hit the gym a few times a week this semester.

Overall, it’s been a good first week, but then again it’s only Wednesday…


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