how to use the web to find a nonprofit job

I’m only in my second semester of my master’s, but in about five month’s time I’ll have to start looking for a job in the States. I am not really sure what I want do, but I think I need a break from school to decide if I want to get a doctorate or another master’s, or just pursue independent learning. I don’t really know what kind of job I’d like have, but I am interested in doing something related to the community, creativity, and web 2.0.  Maybe work for an NGO or a socially-conscious company.

I’ve been perusing the web for various job-hunting strategies. Social-change blogger Britt Bravo recently posted a great entry on Have Fun * Do Good and BlogHer on how to find a nonprofit job using the web. Here’s one of the most surprising hints she shared:

The post, 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media, on Mashable suggests creating a video resume. I’ve never heard of that, have you? According to the post’s author, Dan Schawbel, that is one of the benefits, “The key with a video resume is that very few people have actually created one, so they serve as a differentiator in the recruiting process.” If you’ve created one, share the link below. I’d love to see an example of a successful one.”

Thanks, Britt Bravo! Check out her fantastic blog for more tips on how to find a nonprofit job!


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