a blogging veteran?: reflections on the moleskine

I have only been blogging for about five months, but was recently identified as a blogging veteran. I would definitely say my fluency in blogging is above average, but there’s still so much I feel like I don’t know.

For other mediums and fields, such as medicine, painting, and law, it takes years to be considered an expert. Malcolm Gladwell recently said it takes about 10,000 hours or 10 years to become successful at something. But in the blogosphere, it can take as little as a few weeks (maybe even less) before you’re considered a pro — especially if you’re celebrity or already well known in your chosen blog genre. With sites like Twitter, Digg, and Facebook, it makes it very easy for a blog to grow in popularity.

In many ways, this is the beauty of blogging. Anyone can participate, whether it’s as a grad student, writer, financial analyst, photographer, or another kind of cultural producer. And anyone can become a successful blogger within a short span of time.

With such a democratic medium, there is of course greater competition and few of us will actually get to the point where we have hundreds of subscribers, thousands of views a day, consultancy gigs and multimillion-dollar book deals. However, we can still share our thoughts and ideas with our specific audiences. Whether it’s one person or one thousand, the content of your blog will have importance to someone.

The Moleskine will probably never be on the Technorati’s top 100 blog list, but I’m just happy knowing that people are getting something from my experiences abroad.


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