notes and tweets of kindness

Whether I am in Seattle or abroad, getting snail mail is always exciting. When you spend all your time reading pdfs, writing papers, and creating works cited on the computer, it’s nice to get something that is tangible and hand-written. Yesterday, I got two pieces of mail: one from my parents and one from an unknown sender. My birthday is in a few days, so I thought the second envelope was from a friend since my nickname “themelissard” was written on the front. I opened the enveloped and below is what I found:


This note and button captures the spirit of the sender and my favorite new tweeter, twipple, which uses twitter to spread random acts of kindness. According to their bio, “a twipple is a random act of kindness via twitter. We post 1 twipple per 100 sign ups. So please sign up and tell your friends. twipple ideas also welcomed!”

Their most recent twipple is “pick someone some flowers for the first day of spring (or any day!)”.

I had forgotten that I sent them my snail mail addie to get a free button, but since twipple is based in New York, I didn’t think they would actually send it to addresses outside of the States. But this is what twipple is all about: doing small unexpected nice things to make the world a happier place. ;-)


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2 Responses to “notes and tweets of kindness”

  1. Chief Twipple Head Says:

    This has made twipple’s day – we had 40 replies to the free badge thing – lots of old school letter writing and stamp action.

    Not sure what we’re trying to do – but it’s SUPER cool it’s been noticed and appreciated!

    Thank you!

  2. melissa andrada Says:

    Thanks, Twipple! Keep spreading the random acts of goodness!

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