the science festival

I am incredibly busy at the moment, so sorry if my posts are less frequent. Essays are pretty much taking up all my time, but I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple hours at the annual Edinburgh International Science Festival, ” the world’s first and Europe’s largest celebration of science and technology.” The Festival takes place from April 4-18 and features events in venues all over the city. I am hoping to catch these events:

Alternate Anatomical Architectures: Fractal Flesh Chimeras & Extra Ears

1234265754274An extra ear has been surgically constructed onto performance artist Stelarc’s arm. When electronically augmented, the ear will become internet enabled, allowing people in other places to listen to what his ear is hearing. Stelarc’s work explores and extends the concept of the body through human-machine interfaces.

7-8pm — Tuesday, April 14 — The Hub, Napier University

Bodies of the Future

1234266067990What do we want our bodies to look like in the future? How will technology shape our relationship with the physical environment and the multifaceted identities we create? A panel including Stelarc (Brunel University), Martyn Ware (the Illustrious Company), Andrew Shoben (Greyworld), Dr Jonathan Freeman (Goldsmiths, University of London) and Michelle Kasprzak (Scottish Arts Council), will explore the shifting boundaries between the technologically adapted body and the concept of self and the sense of place.

7-8pm — Wednesday, April 15 — The Hub, Napier University

The Richard Dawkin’s talk also looks really interesting, but unfortunately, it’s sold out!


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