how to shine in an interview

"My Resume as a Tag Cloud"

“My Resume as a Tag Cloud” by Flickr user hchen1

Check out these great interview tips! I was especially surprised by #1 and #7.

“1. Cover letters are worthless

If you think a well-crafted cover letter (or email) explaining your lack of experience is going to make you stand out, you’re wrong and shouldn’t even waste your time. With 100’s of people applying, there’s just no time to read your “pitch”. It’s all about your resume. That’s what sells you. That’s what gets you the job interview. (Although the tag-cloud resume above would probably not work for most jobs, it’s an example of how you can be creative and make yourself stand out!)

7. Bring a notepad

Very few people bring a notepad with them to a job interview. It’s a very subtle thing that makes you stand out. Take notes when appropriate.”

via Seth Godin’s Blog


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