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Upon the recommendation of Andrew, I purchased a Zoom H2, a wonderful recorder for novices who are interested in recording high-quality sound. It is light, easy-to-use and fairly intuitive. Plus, it comes with all kinds of accessories including a stand, 1GB SD card, AC adapter, USB cable, mic clip adapter, ear buds, wind screen, and cable. I purchased mine from House of Gizmo at Amazon for £149.99 and it arrived two days after I ordered it. I was really impressed by their fast delivery!

I will use my Zoom H2 to record interviews and sounds for my dissertation and podcasts. This week I’ll be interviewing Stefan Ecks, my former anthropology professor and Director of the Anthropology of Health and Illness MSc. Programme at the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Ecks will share insider tips on admissions, research opportunities, and much more, so watch out for my next podcast!

Lastly, I leave you with a sound of my gym locker I recorded. Enjoy!


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  1. the moleskine podcast #3: interview with dr. ecks « Says:

    […] podcast was recorded using a Zoom H2 and edited in Reaper. Thanks to Andrew Spitz at { sound + design } for the editing assistance and […]

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