just one year?

If a one year master’s degree sounds good to be true, it is. The school year is intensive and you really do work up until the last month of the summer semester.

Most master’s students don’t have time to search for jobs, internships, or other opportunities while working on their dissertations, so a lot of postgraduates spend the first couple of months after graduation just trying to find something to fill their hours.

The one year master’s is still a fantastic option, but just keep mind, it’s a lot longer than it seems.


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5 Responses to “just one year?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I already miss you, and our great year!

  2. melissa andrada Says:

    awww…i miss you too! it has been a fantastic year!

  3. Spyros Mallios Says:

    Hello!! It was weird but interesting to read this post as I’m looking for a master degree in Economics next year. The thing is that as a Business student I would like to spend 2 years in a Master in Economics program. But some universities I like (for example Tilburg University in the Netherlands) offers only 1 year program. But is the time the only thing different. I mean in Tilburg I’ll have to attend 7 courses and a dissertation whereas in University of Stockholm (2 years program) I’ll attend 14 courses and a dissertation. I don’t know what to do. ~ Spyros

    • melissa andrada Says:

      Hi Spyros, thanks for visiting. Going through the application process and deciding on schools can be incredibly difficult, but it’s great that you’ve started thinking about it. My first question would be what would you like to get out of graduate school. Also, what is your motivation for completing a two rather than one year master’s? If you would like to have more time to explore, get settled in your program and really dwell on your ideas, I would recommend a two-year program. A one-year master’s is great if you are focused and have clear idea of what your research interests, or just to finish in a shorter period of time.

      Let me know if you have any further questions. I am always happy to help.

  4. Spyros Mallios Says:

    My question was if one year programs and 2 years programs are equivalent. Countries like UK and Netherlands are offering one year programs where Swedish Universities offer only two year programs. I believe that 2 year program offer better background if you would like to have a phD degree in the future.

    What I’m considering is having two 1-year masters in economics first and then in econometrics as an alternative choice to a 2 year program. But I’m not so keen on this idea.

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