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the clan gathering: a celebration of scottish culture and history

July 25, 2009


If you’re around Edinburgh this weekend, be sure to attend the Clan Gathering, a two-day festival celebrating the culture and history of Scotland. This year’s Gathering features a slew of various events all over city, including a parade, Scottish country dancing, and the World Highland Games.

I am hoping to check out The Gathering after I get some reading done for my dissertation. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the festivities from my kitchen window.


snapshots of edinburgh: route 75

April 26, 2009

Andrew and I just went for a phenomenal bike ride around New Haven and Leith. This was our first time cycling together in Edinburgh and we had a blast exploring the city by bike. The trails by the harbours are especially scenic.


Hurray for cycling!


Western Harbour


Western Harbour

snapshots of edinburgh: holyrood in white

February 2, 2009

Today was the first snow of the year! Here’s a photo of Holyrood Park from our kitchen window.


This is what the park looked like on a sunny day in September.


I love the snow, but am definitely looking forward to the spring.

snapshots of edinburgh: wester hailes

November 19, 2008

I recently went to Wester Hailes, a suburb southwest of Edinburgh. With limited resources and services, Wester Hailes is one of the most deprived areas in Greater Edinburgh. Wester Hailes is in need of re-development, but unfortunately, lacks the community leadership and organization to appeal to the City Council to implement sustainable infrastructural changes.


Wester Hailes




Wester Hailes

snapshot of edinburgh: guy fawkes day

November 10, 2008

On November 5, people across the United Kingdom light fireworks and bonfires in celebration of Guy Fawkes, a revolutionary infamous for his attempt to burn down Parliament, and now an icon of popular culture. The photo below was taken in Holyrood Park.


To hear some cool sounds of the fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day, check out {sound + design}.

snapshots of edinburgh: the castle

November 5, 2008

Andrew and I just went to the Edinburgh Castle with the International Student Centre (ISC). The Castle was a lot smaller than we expected, but the views are spectacular and well worth the visit. Some of the Castle’s most interesting and unexpected highlights were: The Scottish National War Museum and Prisons of War Exhibition. The Castle turned out to be a lot more focused on military history than we expected. I certainly enjoyed our visit, but I’m not sure if I would paid £10 to get in. Thanks to the ISC, we only paid £2!

Below are some photos from our visit:





Photos Courtesy of Andrew Spitz

snapshots of edinburgh: leith mural

October 27, 2008

Andrew and I stumbled upon this fantastic mural while wandering through Leith. It can be found on the corner of Ferry Road and North Junction Street.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Spitz

Photo taken by Melissa

Photo courtesy of Andrew Spitz

a snapshot of edinburgh: home

October 24, 2008

Thanks to the perseverance and housing efforts of my boyfriend Andrew, we have a cozy flat in Holyrood Park, one of the most beautiful parts of Edinburgh. The photo below was taken from our bedroom window.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Spitz